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TERRA TRADING has expertise and experience in compressed air and hydraulics with emphasis on trenching, tunnelling, mining, construction, drilling, demolition and industry.  This is the legacy of history with Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas Copco, CompAir, Swift, Shell and Joy USA.  This together with promoting Furukawa, Soosan, Bohler, Bulroc, Belle, Finlay, Kennametal, Padley & Venables, APT, Essig, Diwidag, Austas Hammers, Serviwrap and the like over many years..

COMPRESSORS:    Diesel Portable                                      Electric Stationary

 PNEUMATIC TOOLS:    Chippers    -    Air Picks    -    Clay Spades    -    Paving Breakers    -    Rockdrills    -    Rocksplitters    -    Tampers    -    Rivet Busters    -    Needle Scalers    -    Scabblers    -    Centriugal Pumps    -    Diaphram Pumps    -    Winches.

QUARRY TOP HAMMER DRILL RIGS    -    DtH Hammers & Drilling consumables   - see Soosan page

DEMOLITION ATTACHMENTS    -   Hydraulic Breakers & Crushers    - see Soosan page


    Hollow Self Drilling Threaded Injection Anchors Stranded Anchors.

    Chemical & Mechanical Rock Bolts


SOOSAN Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. estab 1984 in KOREA now gone GLOBAL


Soosan exhibit the the high quality innovative design and value for money we have come to associate with their national contempories now world leaders in shipping, construction, automotive and electronics producing the best in super tankers, excavators, cranes, vehicles, smart phones, computer tablets and flat panel TVs, etc.

Soosan developed a range of drill rigs, rockdrills, hyd breakers, demolition munchers and telescopic cranes in their early years having been the manufacturing licensee for the Furukawa rockdrill and breaker company. Those products have matured into the leading product range we have today illustrated in the "Product Line Up" attached. Introduced to NZ seventeen years ago the original product is ongoing testimony to reliability and durability.


Drill Rigs - Top Hammerdrill_rig_top_hammer_ST155.jpg

Loaded with features and aggressively priced these European style STD series quarrying and mining machines were developed on from the SD series back in the nineties have met eager acceptance with nigh on a hundred units at work in a dozen countries in the first year.

  • Joy Stick Control
  • Anti-Jamming system
  • Synchronising system
  • Rear view screen
  • Backhammer system
  • Smooth Drilling system
  • Longreach Tele-Boom
  • Super drilling system
  • Collaring system
  • Frugal Fuel Consumption
  • Digital Angle Indicator
  • And many more...

See detailed specifications of rigs and drifters in "Top hammer drill Rigs" attached - phone us or e-mail for more detail and your copy of the hardcopy brochure, video &/or demonstration.

Hydraulic Hammers to suit carriers 0.5t - 90t.

Hydraulic breakers are a founding product of Soosan and as such have enjoyed three decades of developement into Korea's best rivalling any in the world for quality.  Active monitoring of a large group of high value customers around the world has contributed work experience from quarry mining and construction industries.  Superior percussion mechanism and easy maintenance of previous models combine with innovation into the latest series producing reliability without peer.


Economy and features reward clients with the most productivity at the most economical price.  Accumulated gas pressure generates extra power whilst integrated power and blank hammering systems allow you to choose from three operating modes.  Auto shut-off and easy start-off aid the inexperienced and secondary breaking.  Add enhanced vibration dampening and sound suppression system minimising recoil on the carrier and operator and meeting strict noise regulation. 

Demolition Attachments 

Mini-Crushers, Shears, Maxi-Munchers, Pulverisers, Grapples and Grabs.

Soosan no nonsense robust accessories are proven value with quality and versatility complementing aggressive pricing to achieve unbeatable value.

The Korean product has evolved and matured into world beating class - European standard quality and design at attractive Asian prices without compromising reliability or service.

Demolish, pulverise or deconstruct, dismantle, then recycle, reuse - get the job done in the style demanded with products developed totally inhouse, including heat treatment, with the manufacturing control afforded therein.  Features include Hardox 400 construction material, 360 degree rotation, cylinder protection, flow control, speed-up valve and replaceable teeth.

Truck or Boat or Basemount Telescopic Knuckle Cranes or Winches.


Soosan innovative new concepts in telecsopic booms find applications in augers, arial platforms, concrete pumps, erecting poles, suction truck gantries, etc.  Mounted behind the cab, behind the tray, or plumb dead centre -  onboard or on the dock.





behind the cab, behind the tray, in the yard, midship, railside, quayside.


Truck Mounted - Telescopic 3 - 6 sections


3 - 10 tonne lift       2.5 - 17 meters radius.


Knuckle Cranes


Auger/Pole Cranes

Remote control, top seat, auxillary winch, full safety over-reach & over-wind protection plus diverter valve outrigger protection. Extra wide outriggers and rear outrigger option.

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